Sunday, May 11, 2008

So the world is fixed

And in the end you die. In the mean time you can enjoy the world from a far. I think this is what most people believe. I like to get into the action. I like to understand. I like to never stop believing in the possibility that the world is not fixed. I cannot let anyone think for me. This is the greatest sin of all. (To give up your ability to think and judge sometimes without a fight.) One can read 1984 and other novels to see that this is the new crime. How do we get others to stop thinking? How do we get others to freely give up their only real and tangible expression? As a gemini, I am greatly interested in the mind. "I think therefore I am." This faulty argument and one that was never actually stated by Descartes (in a later essay by another author it was) remains. Descartes' philosophy cannot just be stated as I think therefore I am. It's the thought about how to keep things in natural order. How to actually know that you exist without faith in God? Without God more specifically.

I ask why does it matter? The issue of happiness guides our primal mind. Basically, you can stop thinking and be happy or you can struggle and be unhappy. Why can't we struggle and be happy? This seems to be a point of contention. People believe that struggling and suffering makes us unhappy, but it makes us happy as long as we have a dream. (The goal to struggle toward.) Now, we have thrown back to Aristotle. Just stop worrying about the perfection (Plato) and just be. Do not worry about the rounding, judge (for yourself) as a whole whether your life is better or worse than it should be. This will be the best thing in the end. Buy some real estate because that is fixed. Find a place in your mind to know that you have improved.

Scott Chapman

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