Sunday, March 23, 2008

One must always practice

I know that there may be some disagreement about how we go about the art of practice.  In sports and the military, we almost always practice and then play a little.  The ratios are often 90% practice and 10% real live competition or war.  I am constantly faced with the growing amount of information.  I don't know where to spend my time.  I don't know where I should place my bets.  In the meantime, I read and practice.  I have in the last 10 years or so relied solely on the mental and emotional sides.  (IQ and EQ).  I have let my body die off for these games.  Even now, I wonder what is real any more.  People often think they know as much.  They often can play the political games to offset any intellect.  I am left with only one conclusion.  Your outside must reflect your inside.  I must not let them get out of alignment.  I must look the part.  And so I need to shift into a more physical realm or chapter in my life and forego the learning.  I think this is the right path.  I think this is the right course.  Balance to me is not a matter.  I can never be balanced.  No, I am not crazy just not successful with the balanced approach to things.  So I move forward in my efforts.  I spent the weekend killing.  Yes, killing.  I am a horrible life form or am I?  I shall not want that anyone but me bares arms in the time of need.  And so I practice.  My uncle, dad, brother, friends of my uncle and myself all traveled to Surprise Valley, CA.  The infestation of ground squirrels in the agricultural areas means loss of crops for the farmers.  We take care of that problem.  We practice.  We train our bodies to simply do.  We must prepare.  We must live on.

Scott Chapman

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