Sunday, March 30, 2008

Everyone needs a place to call home

Recently, I have been traveling the country.  I have been to Northern California, Inland Empire (southern California), Denver metro, Oklahoma City metro, Tulsa metro, Stillwater metro, Las Vegas metro, and all of middle Tennessee (from Martin in the north to Ooltewah in the south). 

I recently moved on from my job at Stylecraft Marketing.  I really enjoyed my time as the turnaround leader and general manager.  The company was ready for the next leader.  There is often a semi-steping diagram where time is the x-axis and number of changes is the y-axis in a companies lifespan.  There often needs to be a change in management or leadership because that change levels off over time.  (The step part of the stepping chart.)  When new management comes on board, they often are able to jump back to changes and shift into another riser of changes.  I learned a lot about people.  I believe my people acumen is up substantially.  I learned more about people and the relationships between them.  My business acumen improved as well.  

So why have I been traveling?  First, let me tell you that I have been doing the normal activities.  I have put out my resume again, but I think that will take some time.  I'm not so sure I'm ready to work for someone else again, but I am open.  I have been traveling looking for mobile home parks.  I enjoy finding good parks, talking with managers about problems, reviewing financial scenarios, and putting deals together.  There are some heavy analytics involved in buying a mobile home park.  It also takes a tremendous amount of people acumen to understand what people should be working on what parts of the business.  What contractors, managers, repairmen, real estate agents, and many other people involved need to be assessed and the relationships between them understood.

I need to raise some money.  So my communication skills will improve in my opinion.  I think they are weaker than they need to be.  It is very clear to me what needs to happen I believe, but I must sell the idea to a banker, investor, partner, friends, girlfriend, family, and other.  They have to believe in me.  They have to understand what I am trying to accomplish.

One thing I do know is that "everyone needs a place to call home."  Not everyone can afford a single family home.  Mobile homes are very nice these days and I think there is a perception gap between it and reality.

Scott Chapman

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