Monday, March 17, 2008

A reliance on outcome

In time, all people arrive at a question of time.  We ask ourselves where we should spend it? How we should spend it?  And mostly, will we spend it in a worthy cause?  Time is really the only true consideration.  I am one who constantly cheats time myself.  I borrow from the future.  I forgo in the present.  So you want to change the world?  I have not sadly and embarrassingly.  It is the world that has changed me instead.  I imagine a world where we do not have purpose, but for the moment.  This world to me seems impossible and yet real.  What happened to our future?  Have we sold out our children's future for our own pleasure?  I do not think we are getting much pleasure as so much another shot, another hit of short term satisfaction in a short term world.  I do not condemn those who live these lives nor do I agree.  There is but a system that is to be used whether we like it or not.  The majority I dare say have bought into this lifestyle.  Commitment prevails as a human condition and so we continue on with our ways.  Why even have kids?  Is it not all about me anyways?  I purpose a new way of thinking.  I purpose a new purpose.  

We must be brazen, bold, and relentless in our pursuit to create a future with children whom are better than we are.  We must sacrifice and enjoy our purpose.  This must be in practice as well as thought.  We must believe in our purpose.

That is my challenge to you to change the world.  So you want to change the world?  Do you really think you can in your current capacity?  I ask simply that you look at your life and choose more.  I ask you to make your life matter.  Today is gone, yesterday is gone, tomorrow is gone, but our future marches on armed with preparation and opportunity.

Scott Chapman

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